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DISH Network has the nations top satellite TV deal. According to JD Power and Associates, DISH holds the #1 position, by a narrow margin, in customer satisfaction for cable and satellite providers. They are, without question, the most competitive company when it comes to earning your business and keeping you as a customer.

DIRECTV is ranked #2 only by the smallest percentage. The price differences between the 2 is only about 10 bucks per month. If 10 bucks is not that big of a deal for you, then you should really look at the comparison links in the right hand column. Both DISH and DIRECTV are great services, however only you can choose for yourself.

You may ask, why would I get satellite TV online when there are dozens of retailers near me? Because, unless you know the retailers, you can't possibly know how well their installation process goes or how their customer service is. DISH has top notch service and they know, by experience who is the best installer in your area.

Direct Star TV simply can't be beat when it comes to DIRECTV. Their service is unmatched and they seem to always throw in more extra's than all the other DIRECTV retailers. If you want to be guaranteed not to have issues while getting DIRECTV installed, then do yourself a favor and go through Direct Star TV.

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