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Choosing satellite TV Providers can be quite hard. There are two main satellite TV system providers, Dish Network and DirecTV. I can't say that one satellite system is better than the other, however, one system will be better for you. Many Dish Network retailers will give you all the equipment you need free.

What do you have to do to get this free Dish Network equipment? All you need to do is agree to use their service for at least a year. Why does Dish Network want you to stick with them for a year? Because, right off the bat, Dish Network invests over $1000 to bring you the best digital satellite signal money can buy.

Dish Network's initial investment includes:

  • Installation
  • Satellite Dish
  • Cables
  • Free Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
  • Free Receivers
  • Free HDTV Receivers

The installation, satellite dish and cables are not very expensive. However, the free digital video recorders, free receivers or free HDTV receivers can be very expensive.

The best free Dish Network equipment promotions usually comes from online retailers. The reason online retailers are able to give such awesome promotions is because of low overhead. These online retailers do nothing but satellite TV. This allows them to concentrate on giving you the best service and installation possible with your new Dish Network satellite system.

What online retailer would I use to get a Dish Network satellite system? That's a tough question! There are about three really good ones, but I think I would have to go with Dish Pronto. They have been in business the longest and, in my opinion, they have a bit of an edge on the other guys. You can check out of their web site by clicking on the link text provided below.

Dish Network Satellite System

Free Digital Video Recorders

Digital video recorders have revolutionized the way we watch TV today. Your Dish Network satellite system will come with at least one free digital video recorder, if you choose one.

The DVR model that comes free with your Dish Network satellite system is the Dish Player-DVR 510. It allows you to pause live TV, skip recorded commercials, create instant replays and allows you to record up to a hundred hours of programming.

When you get your new Dish Network satellite system, you get up to four free receivers. This enables you to watch different programming in separate rooms. You will get either the Dish 311 or the Dish 322 model based on how many rooms you want to watch TV in.

The dish 311 is the standard receiver that allows you to watch programming on one television. The dish 322 allows you to view different programming on two different televisions.

If you choose to get HDTV, you can get up to 2 free HDTV receivers. For a paltry $9.99 extra per month, you can get HD programming that gives you a picture that's probably a zillion times better than regular TV. Please be aware that your TV needs to be HDTV compatible.

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