Is a Dish Network HDTV
System In Your Future?

If you've been considering HDTV, now is the time to get started thinking about your future TV watching. First of all you need to think about whether or not your TV is HDTV compatible or not. If not, you need to figure out what HDTV monitor will fit your budget. Prices have come down drastically in the past few years and HDTV monitors are actually affordable now.

With the recent buyout of Voom by EchoStar, you should start to see many great changes coming down the road in the area of HDTV. EchoStar will probably either absorb Voom into Dish Network or combine it with the HDTV program Dish Network already has. Either option brings great potential to the overall HDTV picture with EchoStar.

Voom, which was started by Cablevision, had the most HD channels available. Cablevision launched Voom in 2003 and had spent around $1 billion promoting it and only had around 26,000 customers. This reluctantly forced Cablevision to sell Voom to EchoStar for around $200 million.

Check out the JD Power and Associates web site and select telecom, and choose cable and satellite. Then you will see why I think Voom will do better with Dish Network. The ratings Cablevision got were terrible. This may be why Voom only had 26,000 customers. Dish Network, who now ranks number one in the JD power ratings, has proven that they know how to treat customers. Squeezing a product like Voom into the Dish Network business model will only make things better for you.

How can a company like Voom compete with Dish Network and DirecTV when they basically give away all the free equipment you could ever want? The reason Dish Network and DirecTV can give away free equipment, is, because you pay the same monthly fee as long as you remain a customer. They spend a little up front, but make a nice profit from then on.

When it comes to Dish Network HD TV, I usually recommend Dish Pronto. They are one of the pioneers of marketing Dish Network through the Internet. They have excellent customer service and top-notch security on their web site. If you feel uneasy doing business over the Internet, Dish Pronto has a toll-free number you can use as well.

Check out Dish online here!

Right now Dish Pronto is giving away up to 2 free HDTV receivers, along with all the other equipment you need, except the HDTV television set. Also for a limited time DISH is giving away the first 6 months of HDTV service free. That's pretty awesome, because the Dish Network HDTV offer only costs $9.99 per month extra.

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